Foundation Reading $175.00

The Foundation Reading is the first recommended reading after learning about Human Design.  This important reading sets the foundation of your experience and will provide you with a clear understanding of how your energy is designed to operate and how you make decisions from your body’s consciousness.  You will come away with practical tools for accessing your own inner truth (strategy and authority) and the mechanical knowledge of your potential gifts and possible pitfalls. You will be able to begin your experiment right away.  This session runs from 60 to 90 minutes and includes a downloadable recording of our time together.


Partnership/Relationship Analysis $200.00

This no-blame analysis sheds light on the relationships in your life.  Any relationship qualifies: spouse/partner, lover, family member, co-worker or friend.  We will explore the conditioning elements at play so you can begin to understand how the mechanics are affecting your relationship.  We will take a look at the overall themes present in the relationship as well as the potential challenges and places of ease.   This reading brings acceptance and understanding.  Once you understand the working mechanics at play you will have the tools for improved communication and mutual understanding.  Correct relationships are very important and you are here to relate to the other as yourself.

Prerequisite:  A Foundation Reading for each person


Cycle Readings $200.00


Solar Return: 

This is the most detailed of the Cycle Readings and it’s a great birthday present to yourself.   Here, we look at the conditioning elements for the year ahead.   Each year brings educational opportunities and personal connections.    We will look at the themes and people you will encounter and how to navigate the conditioning field as your true self.

*Recommended  3 months before your birthday*

Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading

Saturn Return: (28 – 32 years old)

The Saturn Return is the beginning of the movement into adulthood.  This is particularly important if you have a 6th line in your Profile and can help to bring a sense of relief.

*Recommended after you have been experimenting with your design for a few years.  Ideally, 28-32 years old*

Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading

Uranus Opposition:  (38- 42 years old)

The Uranus Opposition is the mid-life period.  Here we focus on the transition from the South Node ‘breathing in’ to the North Node ‘breathing out’.  Another significant shift in the life occurs at this time.

*Recommended after you have been experimenting with your design for a few years.  Ideally, 38-42 years old*

Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading

Kiron Return: (48 – 52 years old)

Kiron is a time of flowering as an adult and shows you exactly what you need in order to complete the maturation of your consciousness process.  This map of the true and correct self will reveal the potentials of wisdom as you learn what will enrich your process.

*Recommended after you have completed at least one 7 year deconditioning cycle*

Prerequisite: A Foundation Reading


Incarnation Cross Reading $200.00

We cannot know exactly what our life’s purpose will look like but this reading will reveal the stage and movement of your life.  We’ll look at  the major themes and potentials as you become more correctly aligned as yourself.

*Recommended at least 3.5 years after experimenting with your strategy & authority*

Prerequisite:  A Foundation Reading


Living Your Design Workshop $350.00

If you’re feeling like you would like to learn more about Human Design after you’ve had a reading, then a Living Design Workshop is the place to start.  In this workshop we will explore a basic introduction to Human Design along with Four Aura Types and their Strategies, the Nine Centers both defined undefined, a deeper look at what conditioning really is, and Not-self versus True-self.  The information really comes alive in this course and we can use the charts of your family and friends as examples if you’d like.  This course consists of 7 classes at 90 minutes each.  If you’re interested, please contact me at and we can schedule the classes to fit your specific needs.

Prerequisites:  Foundation Reading and Living Your Design Manual and/or Definitive Book of Human Design.

Ongoing Professional Training Courses:Certified-pro-transparent

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Professional Training Level III








Additional support sessions are available upon request.