Lynette Hagins

The pic on the left is me. Yeah, I know…me frolicking on the beach…how original, right? But here’s the deal – since meeting Human Design, I am having a lot more fun. I chose this picture because this is what my life feels like more often than not, these days. Not to say that my life looks like this all the time. I still experience sadness and struggle and my days are just as mundane as anyone else’s, but it’s my perspective that has shifted and continues to deepen. I have ceased to constantly question and try to change the events surrounding my life. I trust that the authority in me will enable me to make correct decisions for my life when indicated. This shift has resulted in an increased sense of relaxation in my vehicle (my body) and a sense of being more fully engaged in each passing moment. I don’t get as ‘pulled around’ by the changing energies as I used to, and being able to access the solid part of myself, leaves me feeling empowered by something I know I can trust – ME!


Part of me trusting my own inner authority has led to experimenting with this website.  My passion for Human Design continues to grow and I enjoy sharing it with others who resonate with the information.   As a Professional Analyst, Teacher and Living Design Guide I am available to provide a Foundation Reading and guide you through this process, when you feel you might need some assistance or an outside perspective. My favorite thing about working with someone is helping them get to the place where they can experiment with the knowledge, in their own body. Knowing the information is not the same as experiencing it. It is ultimately up to you to take the necessary steps into form consciousness. By following your strategy and authority, a cellular transformation is set into motion. Having someone to talk to, who is familiar with this process, can help you stay on track. The mind and various conditioning forces can be so powerful, that it is easy to get derailed and be deluded into a sort of blind security. It can be helpful to share what you are seeing, especially in the beginning. My approach to working with someone is helping them see what is ultimately true for them and where they are being conditioned by what is not them. As you go through your own journey you will begin to see for yourself that everything perfect is already within you and there is nothing that needs to be added. There is only the falling away (or deconditioning) of that which was never you to begin with! Honoring your strategy and authority, outlined within the precision of your bodygraph, will align you with your true self. You are here to trust and love yourself completely!


The pic below is my Human Design Bodygraph. I am a 6/2 Ego manifestor on the Left Angle Cross of Obscuration. If you know anything about Human Design, then you can get a pretty good idea of what I’m made of. If not, you can check out the brief description of my potential gifts, located under the chart. This keynoting of my design was done by my radical projector friend, Devin Ratheal.


Lynette’s Bodygraph



Lynette is here to initiate the correct direction for herself and others, to mutatively express her own identity, and to know the details of the process of awakening.   Lynette’s mental capacity for details and obscure information is called out of her at the correct time to give the other a mutative perception.  A powerful and in-the-moment impact emerges from her before she knows what is happening and changes both her and the other person’s life forever.  Lynette is here to be an example of what it is to be an Ego Manifestor.